2017 WhatWorks® Award Program

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Who should apply?

We welcome organizations from all countries and all industries to apply for the WhatWorks Award Program. Corporations and vendors may apply on behalf of their own internal operations, and vendors and PR representatives may submit applications on behalf of their clients. (See FAQs and award descriptions and categories for more detail.)

You don't have to be a big company with a big budget to be selected as an award recipient. We will evaluate applicants against their peers in three segments: global enterprise (10,000+ worldwide employees), enterprise (10,000+ employees nation-wide), and mid-market (fewer than 10,000).

You may apply in more than one category and you may apply if you are a previous award recipient. However, we will choose only one finalist per category and one ultimate WhatWorks Award recipient will be selected by the attendees of the 2017 IMPACT conference.

If you are chosen as a finalist, we request that you or a representative of your organization present your organizationís story about how it has driven significant operational improvement by applying unique and innovative approaches to solving critical HR, learning and talent challenges. As part of the submission and the presentation, you will be asked to share demonstrated proof of positive business impact based on the change, initiative, program, or process improvement described in your submission.

Deloitte member firms are ineligible for the award. If you have any questions about whether your organization is eligible or in which category to apply, please contact us.